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Permanent Eyebrows


Cosmetic Tattooing involves placing pigments into the dermal layer of the skin. These pigments have been specifically designed for the face and will fade, unlike body tattoos which are done with ink.


Cosmetic Tattooing can last anywhere from 6 months to 3-5 years, the fading process will differ from client to client. However, there are many factors which may result in your cosmetic tattoo not lasting as long, such as medication, medical conditions, lifestyle and products used.


That being said, it is also just as important to remember that, in some cases, it may last much longer and even have to be removed. It is important to give as much consideration to your cosmetic tattoo as you would a regular tattoo!


Almost anyone who is healthy, and not pregnant or nursing, can benefit from Cosmetic Tattooing, particularly those with allergies to make up, poor eyesight, lack of confidence to apply make up or any medical condition that causes loss of hair or lack of facial symmetry.

Eyebrow Treatment

Lashes & Brows

There are a few different methods to colour the brows, such as using tint, dye or henna. Each of these gives a slightly different look and will last different amounts of time. With every brow treatment, time will be taken to map the symmetry and select the correct colour for you. 


Eyelash tinting is done with a tint that is safe to use around the eyes. When lifting the lashes, they are curled around a small silicone rod and we apply a lifting lotion.

It is recommended that you have a patch test prior if you have not had either treatment done before, and that contacts must not be worn to your appointment.



A professional skin treatment is one of the best ways to take care of your skin. No matter what your skin concerns may be, there is always a facial treatment perfect for your needs.

Whether it is a relaxing spa facial, an organic peel or an intense treatment, resulting in some down time.


Fiona Jane uses Image skincare. The company has pioneered a clinical grade skincare line that is powered by proven ingredients and smart botanicals. The line was founded by an esthetician and a plastic surgeon.


Every treatment with these incredible products is guaranteed to leave you feeling confident in your skin and excited to try out their products.

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